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New look coming for the garden restaurant

Opening May 19th, 09:00

The Garden Restaurant is getting a makeover! 

With new seating, new decor and a whole new outdoor seating area, you are sure to feel comfotable, safe and at home.

Our summer menu will get your taste buds tingling under the sussex sun.

  • Non-refundable reservation fee £5 p/table. This will be taken off bill

    5 British pounds

From Monday 19th July 2021, we have reverted back to a queue at tills system.

Due to customer demand, we have returned online bookings. We've had to add a non-refundable reservation fee of £5 per table, this will be taken off your bill at payment.

Please note when booking it will show as a 15 minute booking, please ignore this. We allow for up to 1hour & 30 mins per booking.

How our queue at till system works:

> Please come in and find a table, we will not be taking your details or temperature at the door.

> If you have resevered a table please see a member of the team on arrival.

> It is recommended to scan the track & trace QR code, but not mandatory.

> Browse our menu at your table, these can be found near the till counter.

> Order and pay for your food & drinks at our restaurant tills.

Wanting to visit Hunter's Softplay?

We will still be allowing up to 6 children until its move in August - October. It is recommended to pre-book your time slot.

If you are not pre-booking your visit to Hunter's Softplay, you MUST pay before you play.

To book your session, please click here.

As of Monday 19th July 2021, it is not mandatory for team members or customers to wear a mask.

If you see someone in a mask, or with a visor please be respectful, this is a major change for us all again.

Anyone being rude, threatening or unkind to any team member or customer for wearing or not wearing a mask will be denied service.

Social distancing is no longer enforced, we ask you to respect all team members and customers personal space.

Our team have worked hard to make your visits safe and enjoyable during lockdowns and restrictions. Please bear with us as we get back to working as we were pre-COVID (as much as we can).

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we make the next transition together.