Image by Kara Eads


11.01.2021 - 17.01.2021

Everyone knows that gardening comes with many great health benefits, but what about houseplants?

Well, in our opinion houseplants are just as important and even more so for our mental health in the colder seasons!

In spring, summer and even autumn we can find ourselves losing the days as we relax in our gardens. We don't often realise until the evening, sat on the sofa with a glass of wine in hand, how much physical work we have done through digging, planting, trimming, mowing and so on. Winter brings dormancy to our gardens and therefore, naturally gardening takes a step back.

But why should it?

During a normal winter (lockdown or not) we spend a high percentage of time inside, so let's bring the green in.

Houseplants come in all different shapes and sizes, small and round, tall and slim, prickly or smooth, there is something for everyone!

We posted on our socials our top 4 health benefits for having plants in your home, here are some more details on these:

1. Improve air quality

So let me start by saying, having one plant in your home is not going to improve the air quality you breathe. Science has taught us that you need several plants in a small space to make an impact to the air quality around you!

But that's fine and completely do-able for any plant lover! Here are the most effective houseplants:

  • areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palms

  • Boston fern

  • rubber tree

  • spider plant

  • Ficus tree

2. Reduce stress levels

Now this is something we all need right now!

No matter who you are, or what you do, whether you are NHS staff, emergency service personnel, an early years learning practitioner, essential retail workers or just a parent trying to get through home schooling, stress is around all of us.

Having plants indoors can make us feel natural, comfortable and soothed. Studies by Journal of Physiological Anthropology have shown participants who completed an indoor gardening task (such as replanting) showed a lower stress response than those who had to complete a short computer-task, where heart rate and blood pressure spiked!

3. Sharpen your attention

*Every home schooling parent now buys 20 houseplants*

It is believed having real, living plants indoors can help encourage attention. A small study of 23 participants showed that the students who had real plants in their classrooms showed higher concentration and were more attentive through brain scans.

4. Therapeutic

Indoor gardening is great for everyone, especially for people living with mental health issues/concerns.

Horticulture has been used as a therapy basis all around the world by increasing the feelings of well-being for those living with depression, anxiety, dementia as well as other conditions.

Horticulture has been used as a therapy for centuries, however, some medical clinics in Manchester (England) have started to prescribe potted plants to some people with depression and anxiety!

If you ever need help deciding what is the right plant for you, we always have Horticultural experts instore, at the end of the phone or near a computer. We are always happy to help and answer all your questions!