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Hunter's Softplay and The Garden Restaurant is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Hunter's Softplay will be re-opening 17th May 2021*.

*This is subject to change. Please keep checking here and on our social media for updates.

Bookings will go live 1 week prior to opening.

Thank you for your interest in booking Hunter's Softplay!

Hunter's Softplay is £3 per child. You can only book 1 child online currently. This is to ensure we only have 1 household inside the play area at a time. Please pay for all remaining children BEFORE entering Hunter's Softplay.

Please click "Book Now" to schedule your play date!

We have made some changes to ensure that all current COVID-19 safety measures are in place...

1. We are only allowing 1 household inside the play area at one time.

2. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times..

3.All adults MUST wear a mask, covering their nose and mouth when inside Hunter's Softplay.

4.We are operating 30 minute play sessions at £3 per child.

5. The play area will be cleaned every 2 hours, and wiped down after each 30 minute session.

6. Socks MUST be worn at all times (by both children and adults).

7. The area will have a designated member of staff.

8. We will be taking temperature checks of both children and adults upon entry (if anyone in your party is showing a high temperature, you will all be denied entry- we will reschedule or refund you should this happen).

9. We ask you to check in or we will be taking contact information to work alongside the governments track and trace. 
10. Balls and shapes have been removed due to hygiene. 
11. We clean the area every morning and so on. It is up to the parents to ensure that their children are entering with clean hands and clean socks.
12. Hand sanitiser will be available.
13. Walk-ins are welcome, however we are unable to guarantee you a slot.
Only children aged 5 and under can use Hunter's Softplay.

Our regular rules can be found below, please note that any rules with current COVID-19 restrictions are detailed above.

PLEASE ARRIVE 5-10 MINUTES BEFORE SESSION. This is so all new rules and procedures can be explained without going into your play time!

Due to the soft play being a "high risk area" you will not be allowed to enter the restaurant AFTER your play session. If there is no one booked for soft play after you, you can remain in the area for food, although we can not guarantee this. We strongly recommend you reserve a table prior to you soft play session. Please allow a minimum of 1 hour for a cooked meal (this allows time for ordering, cooking and eating). You can reserve a table by clicking here

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