Week 1!

Well what a great first week we have had! Reflecting on the past 7 days has shown us how commited our staff are, and how supportive our customers are! We are truly very lucky!

You may have noticed some changes within the store, the biggest being our new tills system, which we are all still getting use to. Every day is a school day!

We have also put new till counters in so we are now the same height as the customers we are serving! Stock has moved round and new lines have already started being added.

Another exciting event happened this week, which is GLEE... not the musical! Glee is a trade show for those in this business. We got to meet current suppliers and a lot of new! It is safe to say we are very excited about the stock which has been ordered!

It is soon to be our favourite festive time of year! Yes the big C word! CHRISTMAS! A lot of customers have been asking what we are doing, etc.

As a team we will have a meeting this week to discuss all the ins and outs but in a nut shell;

Farther Christmas will be visiting (same Farther Christmas as last year) for breakfast and tea. We will also have open our Christmas grotto experience, where you get to meet Farther Christmas and receive a gift! The plans so far are very exciting and we hope this will be the best Christmas in centre ever!

We will keep all our customers updated via email, Facebook, Instagram and on our website.

To be on our mailing list to keep up to date, please sign up for our loyalty card in store and provide us with your email address.

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