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We have been celebrating perfect BBQs since 1952 with our superior know-how, unique range of products and our enthusiasm for all things 'Weber'. No other barbecue manufacturer can boast such a wealth of experience and knowledge as Weber. In the same way we invented the kettle barbecue in Chicago from a simple marine buoy, we continue to develop the whole world of barbecuing bit by bit every day.As one of the world's leading providers with the most comprehensive range of products and services in the industry, today Weber is internationally synonymous with barbecuing innovation, perfect barbecue products and the ultimate barbecue experience. With offices in over 40 countries on all continents, we continue to promote the Weber BBQ culture around the world.

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Charcoal Grills

Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill 37cm


Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill


Compact Charcoal Grill 47cm


Original Kettle E-5710 Charcoal Grill 57cm


Master-Touch GBS C-5750


Gas Grills

Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill with Stand


Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill with Stand


Spirit Classic EO-211


Spirit II E-310 GBS Gas Barbecue


Genesis II E-310 Gas Barbecue


Weber Accessories

Weber's Barbecue Bible


Lighter Cubes


Weber Briquettes


Rapidfire Chimeny  Starter Set


Wood Chips

(Apple, Hickory, Whiskey or Beef Smoking)

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